About Optimal Escapes

Life is all about balance. We spend so much time indoors, in the office hunched over a computer. When we get home, there are domestic duties. Often, we’re so exhausted we just collapse on the couch to steal a minute or an hour of peace before it’s off to bed to do it all again tomorrow. We need to carve out time for the great outdoors and for adventure, and to leave our comfort zones to really grow.


Since Joy’s adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors drove her from Ohio to Arizona in 1980, she’s dedicated her life to restoring balance and adventure in her clients' lives through luxury escapes that recharge the spirit and set them on the path to happiness and wellness. While Joy can arrange your stay in a fabulous resort with all the amenities, and pair you with the right guide to really immerse you in the destination, she also provides something intangible: peace of mind. That’s invaluable anytime, but especially when you’re out in the wilderness exploring the unknown and rediscovering yourself.